Rose Jelly Face Mask- Review

I’m no beauty expert and I’m certainly not a regular shopper in Lush! But, I do have a skincare routine and I like to spice up my cleansing/toning/moisturising ritual by exfoliating and then relaxing with a face mask once or twice a week. My chosen mornings for doing so are Mondays (after a normally busy weekend when my skin is tired) and Fridays (to freshen up before the weekend!)

I feel like you have to be in the right mood to enter Lush because as soon as you step through the door, about four employees will greet you with beaming smiles and with no concept of personal space, they’ll bombard you with questions like “what are you looking for today?” or “where are you from?” or “smell this,” or “sign up here!” I went into the Rome store with my headphones in and an employee pretty much took my headphones out for me- and began wafting a bottle of green glittery shower gel under my nose. I wanted to hate the smell but it smelt like Christmas and pine needles (heart eyes) I didn’t buy it though. I resisted the urge! Might treat myself in December or buy it as a gift for someone.

Because I’m a Brit and Britain is where Lush originates and has some of the biggest stores, the employees in Rome expected me to be familiar with the products. Except my beauty and skincare loyalties often lie with Boots when I’m in the U.K because my mum works for them and gets great discounts! Nevertheless, a very helpful girl asked me what I was looking for. I had two requirements:

  • A Face Mask that helps with spot prone/sensitive skin.
  • A Face Mask that is soothing and refreshing.

The girl knew her stuff. She took me over to the jelly face mask section and presented me with FOMO. She put a bit on the back of my hand and then washed it off; my hand in no time at all was silky smooth. She showed me another face mask option, with roses in as well, but I would have to have kept it in the fridge…I preferred this jelly option because I can keep it in the bathroom at room temperature and not have people ask me what on earth is in the fridge. (Ah, fond memories of my university housemates opening up the fridge in the morning to discover my crystals in a bowl on the top shelf.)

It comes in a little pot like this…

Ingredients: Gentle Calamine Powder (to calm and soothe), Rose (to balance and clear skin), Neroli Oil (to even skin tone).

Find out more about it here:

I was advised to cut it up like a little cake and use each tiny piece for each time, twice a week. Not very much is needed but the jelly consistency still gives good coverage.

@me chilling in my comfy clothes, last Friday morning. Leave the face mask on for fifteen minutes. It does feel tight and ‘crusty’ pretty quickly, but in a good way, feeling like it is extracting impurities. It certainly doesn’t sting, doesn’t smell (smells like a crisp, cold glass of rose water). In the fifteen minutes whilst I wait…I like to light a candle, listen to some music, eat my breakfast…anything relaxing and then I wash it off with a damp luke-warm bamboo flannel I got from Tropic. Be aware that it is a longer process to get off, it certainly likes to stick. I try not to scrub at my face with the flannel- that will make it sore. So gentle, calm dabs do the trick. Once it is all off, (and maybe out of my wispy bits of hair, oops) then I automatically notice a difference. Smoother skin, redness reduced, an awake brightness is back and that feeling of being on holiday when you wake up and your relaxed mood combined with gorgeous weather and fresh fruit works wonders for your skin.

I really do struggle with my skin. Certain things help like avoiding dairy (jelly face mask and dairy free ice-cream for the win), limiting sugary foods and worrying less. Sometimes it’s hormonal, if I get spots around my chin. But I genuinely think it’s my lactose intolerance and super busy mind that contributes to my adult acne. I’ll get there one day, which is why I’m so happy when I discover products like FOMO, which give me some relief and make a difference.

Recently I have found drinking hot water with lemon works wonders too. Also remembering to take my vitamins to help with any imbalances. Maybe if I stopped drinking caffeine, a.k.a my two cups of coffee a day, that would help. But I’m an eternally sleepy person who in an ideal world would love 9 hours of sleep every night. If coffee is the magical elixir that brings me back to life each morning then I’m not going to punish myself for it.

Please do let me know your skincare tips!

Ciao, Georgia x

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