Write To Me

I know that this is an online journal which means it doesn’t have the same dusty paper elixir or swirly doodles like an actual journal. But pretend it is one. Pretend you found out it, lying on the pavement or on a park bench. You have rifled through the pages filled with messy handwriting and photographs, until you find my contact details. What would you like to say?

Pretend your electronic mail is a handwritten letter or postcard…

Let me write about you! About your business or if you have an idea for this blog- creative collaboration is the best.

Send Me Your Story…

Where are you from? What articles have you enjoyed on my blog? What are some of your Lifestyle Secrets and Travel Gems?


Ciao bellas, Georgia x

Send me your story...
Me after my first week living in Italy x

Header llustration can be found here by Russian Illustrator, Girls in Bloom: