Let Your Life Glow (A Poem)

Cover Photo Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/441845413436746054/

A bridge in Rome, my photography.

Ciao Bellas, hope you enjoy my poem:

Let Your Life Glow…

Let literature describe feasts on porcelain plates, ancient palaces, epic quests and chrysanthemum harems,

Let Beverley Knight’s soulful lyrics swirl in my headphones as I tip my head to search the great powder blue.

Let liquid saffron seep into my face, we call it sunshine and we take it for granted,

Let the first sip of coffee scorch my moodiness, also a blend of magic. Hot juice cultivated in the tropics.

Let the mocha blanket melt me after a day that had too many errands and not enough imagination,

Let the shower gel lather in smells like summer, of clementines, wild mint and beach air, it pools in suds between my toes,

Let friends smile on a Saturday night and dance to music so freeing it almost creates paisley patterns above them,

Let fingertips dab in hibiscus oil and comb wet hair whilst the essence of salt water fades,

Let a hug be in someone’s enveloping aftershave, like the smell of an autumn night soaking their denim,

Let a homemade candle scent a dim room, forest pine or chai cake drift in perfume tendrils around the curtains,

Let lemon water be cold after a morning run, icy droplets on the glass ripen my thirst,

Let the phone be off, resting from vibrations on the oak bedside, laden with linen and Victorian books.

Let secret spots in cities be, where only the locals can tolerate cracked stones and spritz in an antique cup,

Let the calm of magazine pages be flicked and scrunched, as glossy as the reader’s lips,

And let the weight of a moonlight silver charm bracelet rest on my wrist. It’s a spell of sentiment.

Let boots click on marble tiles of a great art gallery, where crimson portraits long to speak to the living.

Let me wake up with a dreamworld hangover because in sleep I went deep to another place, so alive, so vivid,

Let a free afternoon on a gloomy day give room for vampires, moody actors to patrol a dark screen,

Their jawlines clench by fireplaces and yearn for blood from their lovers’ hearts, my escapism for hours.

Let sandy flip flops wait on floorboards. Crisp, cotton laundry marinade in floral powder,

Let a citrine crystal look like a rock of pineapple juice on the mantelpiece,

Let an unexpected text before lunchtime whisper an invisible sweetness,

Let a private moment on a balcony at a party- let it be an infinity -and then a stuttered pause become a giddy,


Live for these moments,

they can imprint even the most tired of souls,

and hold you.

Let your life have a reverberating aura, a shimmering golden light drip into your present.

Let your everyday life be slow and glow.

Travel Collage by Me.

Georgia x

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