January Blues…in Decor

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Ciao Bellas,

It’s that time of year, we have all just passed Blue Monday and if you’re not coming down with a cold, have aching joints from pushing too hard in the gym or wishing for Dry January or Veganuary to come to an end- then you’re in the small minority of the population who has escaped the darker nights, skinnier bank accounts and more moody colleagues in the month that is tainted blue.

Also my birthday month actually! So for me it’s a month of prosecco and sparkles. A time of year which is yes, often stereotyped for being miserable but I like that it has the feeling of a fresh start, I LOVE the January sales in practically every single shop, I enjoy the quiet thinking time I get because we often spend more time indoors with hot drinks and and and– January has great T.V releases. Think about all the gritty dramas that the BBC does and the multiple new Netflix releases- I’ve already binged on Sex Education Season 2 and have not been disappointed by the humour, aesthetics and cultural attention the show presents.

This January I have in fact started an online interior design course because it is a very strong passion of mine. My ideal job would be writing for an interior design magazine, a very hard job to get, or even in a fantasy world I can see myself presenting documentaries about interior design projects- I love those shows! This course is going to help me gain more knowledge about my hobby and probably fuel my decor magazine buying addiction even more. (Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, KBB and House & Garden are some of my faves.)

So, here are some interior ideas, in beautiful blues to uplift our sombre January moods…

  1. Subtle blues for your studio apartment.

Why not purchase some turquoise powder blue footstalls to add comfort and texture into your studio flat? If your open plan flat is mainly neutral in light creams, browns and whites- another great pop of colour to pair with blue is dusty pink- to add a calming, feminine feel to your flat as well as warmth. Translucent cobalt blue glassware and vases once again liven up a kitchen space. Also consider tea-towels and cushions for other pops of homely ocean.

2. Blue China in a Bright Mediterranean Style Kitchen.

I love blue china crockery, it gives a kitchen a homely feel and in this cobalt kitchen with cottage style silver handles and bohemian, hand painted walls all the elements come together to create a chilled space. The modern tap adds luxury to the cottage style bringing it back into the 21st century.

3. Ice Blue Cabinets for the Keen Cook.

In this space I’m in love with the natural daylight that washes the white and light blue cabinets. The candy coloured floral rug which may have been scavenged in a charity shop or market is the main attraction- it’s perfect for those chilly mornings when bare toes patter into the kitchen. Even the browns in it compliment the cabinet handles. And the mixer, which looks like Smeg, is the ideal ice shade alongside eclectic crockery filling the shelves. It’s giving me Donna’s hotel from Mamma Mia vibes- but toned down slightly.

4. Consider a Simple Coastal Blue & Brown Dining Space

This fresh, clean dining area is every bit the coastal dream whether you want to eat a bowl of granola with the morning newspaper or hold a wine and cheese night for friends- with the tiled floor, white wooden door, neat driftwood-esque table legs and carpentry of the box seat, anyone can feel at home. The sheeny blue glass on the table adds to the aquatic feel and the blue fabrics elevate the calming colour scheme. The creamy brown chairs and coffee colours in the curtains and wallpaper exude warmth and comfort. This dining area is simple but thoughtful and my favourite touch is the exquisite lantern floating above the bowl of lemons; like the outside patio has been brought in.

5. Soft, Duck Egg Blue Bedding.

Duck egg blue was on trend a few years ago so I do understand that many of us want to branch away from the shade. However, it never fails to create a soothing environment and it can transform the atmosphere of a bedroom; it adds extra glamour to greys, can brighten up a dark space and create a serene masculine/feminine balance which is great for a master bedroom that a husband and wife cannot decide what colour scheme to choose.

5. Create Mermaid Vibes in your Bathroom with Mosaic.

Bathrooms are those rooms in the house where you can play around and have a little fun when it comes to design- just like this bathroom which has subway tiles on one wall but on the other begins the aquatic mosaic which then coats the whole floor. This splash of brightness improves an otherwise very clinically white room. The other great thing is that mosaics are waterproof, so if water splashes or beauty products spill they can be wiped away easily. Imagine relaxing in the bath tub after a long January day and placing some sweet candles on the mosaic floor, the main light switched off and the sheen of the tiles in the candlelight will make the whole space sparkle.

So, if you have the funds to change up your house or you simply like envisaging what your future home will look like- then I hope these ideas have inspired you.

Happy Winter Days,

Love Georgia (or a wannabe Queen Elsa, who has the Ultimate Blue Ice Palace) x

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