I Ate a Flower Burger!

What food do you think of when you think of Italy? Pizza? Pasta? Arancini? Delicious fish, wine and sweet treats? Yeah, me too.

Yet, there is a chain of luxury fast food in Italy’s main cities, called Flower Burger and you can check them out here: https://www.flowerburger.co.uk/

Even though I’m not Vegan, I can appreciate Vegan food as it can be super tasty and fresh. I actually came across Flower Burger because I googled “healthy food in Rome”- it was a rainy day in November, I was missing certain foods that I can easily get in the U.K but not here (like fishcakes, Moroccan salad and avocado) so when Flower Burger popped up, I asked my Italian friend Alessia if she wanted to join me for a Friday lunch. After our breakfast smoothies in Ginger (another great foodie place near Spanish steps) we headed to the Prati district for a pop of colour amidst the dreary November rain.

Expect when you walk in, for an immaculate restaurant with mirrors and nightclub type music. There were other girls in our age bracket there for a bite to eat of a coloured burger: in yellow (spicy chickpea), black (cheesy chickpea), white (tofungo) or PINK (cherry bomb) which is the one we went for.

The service was super friendly and helpful, the prices are very reasonable and when our burgers came- they were so fresh, so crunchy and nourishing. We closed our eyes and agreed that it didn’t taste ‘pink’ (lol), they tasted like regular, well made veggie burgers- made from lentils and basmati rice. Topped with soybean sprouts, flower cheddar, tomato, rocktail sauce and lettuce. We also got some patatas bravas to share, seasoned just right with paprika, tomato and alioli. Expect to feel quite full afterwards as the portions are big! I even walked home and got stitch…

So, if you’re in any of Italy’s main cities and you’re seeking some plant based food- it’s definitely worth stopping off at Flower Burger for a funky, alien food aesthetic that will amaze your Instagram friends and make your taste-buds smile.

On Fridays we eat pink 🙂
Posted on my insta: @georgiacampbellina

Happy eating!

Georgia x

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