4 Essential Yankee Candle Scents for November

So it’s November. Which means the nights are longer and colder. It’s not quite time to flick on the Christmas lights just yet but with this darkness drawing in…it calls for one thing…candles! Preferably scented candles. If you’re like me, then going to a shop that stocks candles and sniffing all the different ones for about 30 minutes is time well spent. When I’m in the U.K, T.K Max in my opinion is the best place to carry out such a hobby.

Get Lit : Source

Anyway, on the last weekend in October, I went with my friend Alessia to ‘New Old’ a boutique shop in Rome super close to Lepanto metro station- keep reading to see what Yankee candle goodies we bought in there! To keep our bedrooms and homes smelling gloriously cosy this Autumn.

Link to the shop below: (p.s it’s a super clean, bright shop with friendly staff, & the joys of Italy opening hours are that we could go there at about 6pm on a Sunday night!)


I bought two little candles because I’m on an Au Pair wage which means- I buy bargains. The smaller candles are much more affordable, transportable and would be great stocking fillers! They are still packed with a strong scent and I haven’t lit them yet but when I do, they’ll look nice on a small dish or in a glass.

1) Autumn Glow

Autumn Glow

My first choice was Autumn Glow and it reminds me of a classy perfume, mixed with the smell of leaves in fresh air and an atmospheric Autumn evening walk in a city. I recommend this one if you don’t like candles that are too sweet/spicy or fruity. Autumn Glow doesn’t smell like food; it smells like an evening…like a memory of a night in November when you wore a glamourous fluffy coat, admired the windows of jewellery shops and padded in the crunchy leaves on the street with your grey ankle boots. Autumn Glow would work well in a living or dining room because it has that glamourous aspect to it. That’s the scent-sation it ignites for me!

2) Sweet Maple Chai

Sweet Maple Chai

I don’t often choose sweet candles because I find them too sickly but Sweet Maple Chai smells good enough to eat. I do love the smell of maple and mixed with chai it’s like walking into a cafe in a Hallmark movie. It would be the perfect candle to light whilst doing some baking in the kitchen but in my opinion this candle would work best in a freshly tidied bedroom! With clean sheets and a hoovered floor, the room would smell fine but the candle will make it cosy and homely. Probably my favourite one out of the four, with Autumn Glow a strong second.

3) Golden Chestnut

Golden Chestnut: google images

Alessia bought Golden Chestnut for herself and again it’s another perfect candle for November because it’s Autumnal, orange (so it suits the colours of the season) and especially in Rome- chestnuts are a big thing. They roast them on street corners in big pans, I eat them often after dinner with my host family and the smell is heavenly. It is more subtle than Autumn Glow and Sweet Maple Chai but it may be that once it’s burning, the smell is truly released and creates an inviting atmosphere. Again, I think this would be great in a kitchen but because the candle has a slight ‘woody’ smell anywhere where there’s wood in your home- perhaps on a wooden table or window ledge- Golden Chestnut would compliment nicely.

4) Warm Cashmere

Warm Cashmere from my Instagram ‘Cute Things’ Highlight @georgiacampbellina

The photograph above is from last November, when I had just bought Warm Cashmere to go in my university bedroom in Norwich. I got it from the Java Store in Castle Mall if anyone is interested! It was brand new at the time to the Yankee candle range, hence ‘NEW NEW NEW’ flashing around the rim. Warm Cashmere is the ultimate bedroom candle because it does smell of cashmere, like a clean cashmere blanket ready to snuggle up with. It made my small and often messy university bedroom a touch more homely, girly and luxurious. In a very old terrace house that was a bit dark, Warm Cashmere was the perfect choice and anyone who wants a simple scent for their bedroom this November I think Warm Cashmere is a strong contender.

My 3rd year University Bedroom: Candles & Fairy Lights are the best.

Hope this inspired you to head out to some shops for candle sniffing and hopefully not too much spending!

You can look at more candles at : https://www.yankeecandle.com/

Soon I’ll be discussing December scents too!

Nothing better than a book, scented candle & peaceful night. My photograph in old living room in Norwich.

Ciao, Georgia x

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