Welcome, turn the first page of Georgia’s Journal.

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Dear Daydreamers , thanks for stopping by.

If you are inspired by fashion, travel, wellbeing, literature or simply have a curiosity in cultivating a beautiful lifestyle…you may find this online journal is fit for you.

My name is Georgia. Hi! I am British and I have picked up a rather nice habit of finding slices of magic in city living. Whether that be amidst the ruins in Rome or whilst peeping in London’s shimmery blue windows.

I have always kept scrapbooks filled with magazine cuttings of fashion, interior, hairstyles, food or anything aesthetic. I thought why not craft an online scrapbook to document my travels, my interests and my inspirations?

This blog is a calming culmination of the imaginary world in my head blended with the beauty of the real world that surrounds us. Enjoy the photos, enjoy my words and most importantly enjoy your life. Keep journaling on paper, online and in your heart!

Ciao bellas,

Georgia x

Copyright Disclaimer: All photography on this blog is my own unless the source is stated otherwise (just like image above) – as I do find inspiration from Pinterest and Tumblr. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to use my photography/ or would like your photography featured at all on this site.

Furthermore, all written work is my own. There are no other people or third parties contributing to and I take full author’s credit and ownership for the written content.

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